Industry Excellence Award

Outstanding Malaysian Companies

About the Award

The Anugerah Kecemerlangan lndustri (AKI) or Industry Excellence Award was introduced by the Ministry of International Trade and Industry (MITI) in 1991 to recognise outstanding Malaysian companies and to encourage continuous improvement in products and services rendered. Over the years, AKI has gained a reputation for being the nation’s premier corporate recognition award.

Now, AKI uses the Malaysia Business Excellence Framework (MBEF) as the benchmark criteria in the assessment and evaluation process. The MBEF, based on the Business Excellence Framework (BEF) is used by many international organisations as a guide to promote outstanding practices in business by incorporating elements required for world class business excellence.

The AKI was established to promote excellence and to stimulate healthy and positive competition within the industry. The AKI showcases the achievements of outstanding businesses in the manufacturing and services sectors with the key objectives to:

  1. Recognise the most outstanding companies in the manufacturing and services industries;
  2.  Recognise companies with business plans to increase value-added products or services; and
  3. Recognise companies with best practices that render them as inspiring role models to other companies