The Art Of Marketing

Boost Your Sales
  1. Get your prospects attention through some advertising or prospecting method.
  2. Build your prospect interest by using an emotional appeal to influence them making a valuable purchase and being satisfied using the products or services.
  3. Build your prospect a desire for your product by showing them its features and give some samples to try and experience themselves.
  4. Increase your prospect desire for your product by conviction or proving the worth of your product compare to your competitors. You may use testimonials from satisfied customers.
  5. Closing the sale by encouraging your prospect to take action or purchase immediately. Address any objections with a reasonable and impressive explanation. There are many variations of closing techniques that can help you to get the business:
    1. A direct close by asking order confirmation.
    2. A concession close by giving the prospect an assurance that they are making a smart choice or saving money or getting more value for their purchase.
    3. A time-driven close by pursuing your prospects to make a purchase using statements like, “prices are going up by next week, so you should buy today in order to get the discounts”.
    4. A trial offer by convincing your prospect to use the product at no risk for a trial period or money back guarantee.