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SME Hub [formerly known as One Referral Centre (ORC)] aims to equip SMEs with filtered and focused information and knowledge to aid the development of SMEs. Previously, the method of obtaining information on entrepreneurship was limited, now with SME Hub, SMEs can access relevant information online and offline. Besides that, to ensure this initiative covers SMEs in the rural areas, the SME Hub-On Wheels was developed to assist in providing business advisory services to SMEs that are located in rural areas.

Information provided in this initiative are not limited to programmes that are implemented by SME Corp. Malaysia, but also those under various other organisations and Government Agencies, such as SSM, MARA, BNM, Telekom Malaysia and POS Malaysia.

SME Hub is the platform for SMEs and entrepreneurs to acquire knowledge, learn business best practices, and obtain essential information on business startup, market access, human capital development, financial resources, industry know-how, and many various other business aspects.

The range of services offered at the SME Hub include:

    • Business Advisory Services;
    • SME Hub Links (collaborations with other Government Agencies and organisations);
    • Pocket Talks;
    • Info Centre (Info Mail, Info Line);
    • Resource Centre;
    • SME Product Gallery; and
    • Virtual SME Hub (SME Corp. Malaysia Website, SME Info Portal).
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